Our Restaurant Menus

Who ever wrote the rule that you cannot enjoy a fine dining restaurant meal at a catered event?

We collaborate with award-winning Union Square Hospitality Group restaurant chefs to develop a selection of catering menus that capture the essence of some of the most beloved dishes from our family of restaurants.

Just imagine what you could do with that kind of powerhouse of taste.

On the Menu
On the Menu
Union Square Cafe is one of America’s most acclaimed and popular restaurants, serving robustly flavored, seasonal American cuisine. The restaurant’s Executive Chef and Partner, Carmen Quagliata, has collaborated with the Union Square Events kitchen to offer Cherry Lane Farm Sugar Snap Pea Salad “Tagliatini” with Guanciale, Mint and Pecorino Romano on this Spring’s Menu. Sophisticated yet approachable, the dish takes inspiration from the Greenmarket while showcasing Chef Carmen’s southern Italian and Californian roots. Contact us to learn more about serving this signature Union Square Cafe dish at your event.
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