Corporate Venues

Hospitality is present when you believe that someone is on your side…when something happens for you.

Our approach to Corporate Catering excellence is about caring for guests throughout their dining experience. To that end, we dedicate ourselves to understanding each guest's unique needs and meeting them with unmatched excellence, personalization, and hospitality. 

High Touch Meets High Volume
Fresh, housemade pasta made to order for 300 guests. Locally sourced, thoughtfully prepared dinner for 1000 employees every Monday through Friday. Our operational excellence, innovation, and athleticism allows us to create raves in every environment..

Our proven track record of designing creative and impactful dining experiences is testament to our innovation, thoughtfulness and highly customizable solutions. 

Driven by Enlightened Hospitality, the idea that employee experience is the foundation of an organization’s ability to perform with excellence, USE is particularly enthusiastic about improving the employee and guest experience for businesses who share our values and goals.